HolyCoast: About That Clint Eastwood Ad...

Monday, February 06, 2012

About That Clint Eastwood Ad...

While many are praising the Clint Eastwood "Halftime in America" Chrysler ad as the best of the Super Bowl, let's not forget an inconvenient fact (from July 2011):
U.S. taxpayers likely lost $1.3 billion in the government bailout of Chrysler, the Treasury Department announced Thursday.

The government recently sold its remaining 6% stake in the company to Italian automaker Fiat. It wrapped up the 2009 bailout that was part of the Troubled Asset Relief Program six years early.
And did anyone else find it a little heavy-handed for two companies whose survival depended on tax dollar bailouts to so vigorously attack the one company that didn't?  I found that a little distasteful.


Larry said...

At he says "When the fog of division, discord, and blame made it hard to see what lies ahead." the video shows what appears to be a Tea Party rally.

I guess if the conservatives just shut up and got out of the way Obama could see where he's going.

For reference, here's the script for the ad:

It’s halftime. Both teams are in their locker room discussing what they can do to win this game in the second half.
It’s halftime in America, too. People are out of work and they’re hurting. And they’re all wondering what they’re going to do to make a comeback. And we’re all scared, because this isn’t a game.

The people of Detroit know a little something about this. They almost lost everything. But we all pulled together, now Motor City is fighting again.

I’ve seen a lot of tough eras, a lot of downturns in my life. And, times when we didn’t understand each other. It seems like we’ve lost our heart at times. When the fog of division, discord, and blame made it hard to see what lies ahead.
But after those trials, we all rallied around what was right, and acted as one. Because that’s what we do. We find a way through tough times, and if we can’t find a way, then we’ll make one.

All that matters now is what’s ahead. How do we come from behind? How do we come together? And, how do we win?

Detroit’s showing us it can be done. And, what’s true about them is true about all of us.

This country can’t be knocked out with one punch. We get right back up again and when we do the world is going to hear the roar of our engines. Yeah, it’s halftime America. And, our second half is about to begin.

Sam L. said...

So GM And Chrysler/FIAT and the UAW got our money, the bondholders got stiffed, and GM is not smarter/no better than before. I say shoot them, and put us out of their misery.