HolyCoast: Chris Matthews: No One Said Hateful Things About the President Until Obama Came Along

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Chris Matthews: No One Said Hateful Things About the President Until Obama Came Along

Chris Matthews, who is supposed to be a keen observer of all things political, apparently had his eyes closed for the eight years of the Bush Administration because he never saw any of the hateful things that were directed at Bush.  From the Daily Caller:
When is someone going to take Chris Matthews off the air for his own good? -- During a radio interview Tuesday promoting his book on JFK, Mathews spouted lunacy. TheDC's Jeff Poor reports:

 “On Tuesday’s broadcast of Washington, D.C. radio station WMAL’s “Morning Majority,” MSNBC ‘Hardball’ host Chris Matthews denied applying a double standard to his treatment of the tea party and ‘Occupy’ movements. He also claimed he never saw hate-speech protest signs directed at former President George W. Bush — only at President Obama. ‘There is a real level of national hatred of the president [Obama] that I hadn’t seen before, certainly not under Clinton, or under Dubya,’ Matthews said. ‘The hatred, the Hitler mustaches — I hadn’t seen that before.’”

Where does one begin? During W's tenure in the White House, the "George Bush is Hitler" industry was probably the most profitable in the country if you take into account its international export wing, with the possible -- and I do emphasize possible -- exception of the "George Bush is the Real Terrorist" industry. Yet somehow Chris Matthews missed that. Just like he has apparently missed the fact that the tea party has only been responsible for imagined violence --- mainly imagined by the voices in Chris Matthews and his fellow MSNBC hosts' heads -- while the "Occupy" movement has been responsible for enumerable examples of actual violence.
Senility doesn't announce itself with a trumpet fanfare, it just creeps in.


Sam L. said...

It may have crept in, but then it went on to trampling.

Larry said...

There's a famous poster of JFK 'Wanted for Treason'. You'd think a guy who wrote a whole book on JFK would've stumbled upon it and made a mental note.


The dismal ratings of MSNBC, CNN, et al, are a direct result of the viewing public realizing that the people who consider it their job to inform the public are less informed than they are. People don't tolerate clumsy waiters, so why should they tolerate ignorant journalists?

Sam L. said...

Larry, there are a bunch of people who subscribe to the NYT and WaPo of their own free will.

Makes me sad for them.