HolyCoast: How Bad Was Romney's Night Last Night? Pretty Bad.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

How Bad Was Romney's Night Last Night? Pretty Bad.

From the Washington Times:
As good as Rick Santorum's night was Tuesday in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri, Mitt Romney's was that bad, and worse.

In all three states Mr. Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, won fewer voters than he did in 2008, signaling that he hasn't been able to hold onto those who turned out to pull the lever for him last time.

In Minnesota in 2008 he won nearly 26,000 voters in the caucuses, while on Tuesday he won fewer than 10,000. In Missouri's primary his take dropped from 172,329 votes to just 63,826. And in Colorado's caucuses he won more than 33,000 votes last time but fell 10,000 votes shy of that this year.

Overall turnout was lower in each of those states, but Mr. Romney can't take solace there — not only does it suggest a drop in enthusiasm from 2008, but Mr. Romney won a smaller share of the total vote in each of the three states this year.
Every time I see Romney I find myself thinking "this guy's as plastic as a Ken doll". I just can't muster any enthusiasm for him, and I'm beginning to think a lot of Republicans are thinking they'd rather lose with someone like Santorum than win with Romney.

As I said in an earlier piece, if Romney is the nominee and he loses to Obama after the GOP establishment assured us of his "electability", there will be a conservative third party running in the presidential campaign in 2016.

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