HolyCoast: Israel Won't Warn U.S. Before an Iran Strike

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Israel Won't Warn U.S. Before an Iran Strike

Given the way Obama feels about Israel I can't blame them:
Israeli officials say they won't warn the U.S. if they decide to launch a pre-emptive strike against Iranian nuclear facilities, according to one U.S. intelligence official familiar with the discussions. The pronouncement, delivered in a series of private, top-level conversations, sets a tense tone ahead of meetings in the coming days at the White House and Capitol Hill.

Israeli officials said that if they eventually decide a strike is necessary, they would keep the Americans in the dark to decrease the likelihood that the U.S. would be held responsible for failing to stop Israel's potential attack. The U.S. has been working with the Israelis for months to persuade them that an attack would be only a temporary setback to Iran's nuclear program.
That may be the reason they talk about publicly, but I think the real reason has more to do with Israel's fear that the U.S. would attempt to interfere with and stop an Israeli attack.

While an Israeli attack might only be a temporary setback for Iran, Israel's entire future as a nation is at stake. They've got to use whatever tools are at their disposal to stop the people that would seek to destroy them.

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Larry said...

Our own State Department warned Pakistan we were sending cruise missiles into Afghanistan in the '90's (how could we not tell them beforehand that we were going to be operating in their airspace?). Pakistan warned bin Laden, and he escaped the strike.

I don't blame the Zionist Lobby one bit.