HolyCoast: It'll Take More Than Prayer to Bring Down Gas Prices

Friday, February 24, 2012

It'll Take More Than Prayer to Bring Down Gas Prices

But that's not stopping one small group from trying:
The Prayer at the Pump movement held a small prayer protest Thursday asking God to lower the price of gasoline, which has reached a national average of $3.58 per gallon. Founder Rocky Twyman called on Obama to be like Texas Gov. Rick Perry and hold a bipartisan White House National Prayer Summit.

“We want [Obama] to invite Rush Limbaugh all these people that are hostile toward him because that’s in the Bible, you’re supposed to love your enemies and they all need to come together and pray,” said Twyman, a D.C.-area public relations consultant.

“[Obama] should do the Christian thing and reach out and do what Rick Perry did man. You know, he had that National Day of Prayer and Fasting. That could really work, we think it really make a difference and things would really, really start to change.”
Just so you know where these people are coming from...
After leading the group in prayer and song at the Exxon station by Union Station, Twyman claimed that the GOP-controlled House has a “demoniac spirit,” accusing Congress of carelessness over the high cost of gasoline.
The only demons are in your own mind, Twyman. Congress is pretty much helpless to affect gas prices when the president refuses to allow drilling in areas where we know there is oil, and when the president stops a pipeline that would have brought more crude into the country from nearby Canada. If you want to cast out a demon, try 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Or perhaps a prayer directed at Nancy Pelosi would help.

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Sam L. said...

Pelosi? Need an exorcist!