HolyCoast: It's Rick Santorum's Turn Again to Be Not Romney

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

It's Rick Santorum's Turn Again to Be Not Romney

I think Newt's now officially toast and the remaining Not Romney is experiencing some new life:
A resurgent Rick Santorum won Minnesota's Republican caucuses with ease Tuesday night, relegating GOP front-runner Mitt Romney to a distant third-place finish that raised fresh questions about his ability to attract ardent conservatives at the core of the party's political base.

Santorum was victorious, as well, in a nonbinding Missouri primary that was worth bragging rights but no delegates, and he led in early returns from Colorado's caucuses.
I just don't know if Santorum can carry any significant momentum into the Super Tuesday primaries next month, but it's clear that the GOP electorate has not yet fallen in love with Mitt Romney.

UPDATE:  At the time I wrote this Colorado was still undecided, but Santorum did hold on to win 40%-35% in a state that Romney won big in 2008.  That's a great night for Santorum and an embarrassment for Romney.


John said...

One wonders how different things might have been if the Anyone But Mitt element had marshalled their forces from the outset.

Rick Moore said...

I think the problem, John, is the Anyone But Mitt element was there but was divided among too many candidates to have a real impact. Now that the field has narrowed they're having some effect.