HolyCoast: Juan Pablo Montoya Versus the Jet Dryer

Monday, February 27, 2012

Juan Pablo Montoya Versus the Jet Dryer

If you're not watching the Daytona 500 tonight you've missed one of the most amazing incidents I've seen in 15 years of watching NASCAR Cup Series races.  Coming out of the pits Juan Pablo Montoya suffered some type of failure in his car and crashed into one of the jet dryers that was circling the track under caution and blowing off any loose debris.  The resulting fire, fed by 200 gallons of jet fuel, was pretty spectacular, and fortunately it doesn't appear to have resulted in any serious injuries.  Montoya walked away and the jet dryer driver was helped away from his flaming truck.

The question now is how badly the track might have been damaged and if they will attempt to restart this already delayed race.

UPDATE:  And here come the jokes:
How many Nascar drivers does it take to ignite a jet fuel fire?

Just Juan.
And this one for Princess Bride fans:
My name is Montoya, you drove a jet engine in front of me, prepare to catch fire.
UPDATE: They got the race going again after a long delay, had three big pile-ups in the last 38 laps, but finally finished with Matt Kenseth winning his 2nd Daytona 500.


Ricky Bobby said...

Help me, Jesus! Help me, Tom Cruise! Tom Cruise, use your witchcraft to get the fire off me!

Anonymous said...

I am big... I am yellow.... I have flashing lights.... I have a big ass jet dryer at my rear end. Who am I? No Juan

Sam L. said...

I wondered why there was a truck full of jet fuel out there.

Mikey J said...

Yeah, and Little E should have put Biffle in the wall for blocking.

That is what is wrong with team racing. Racing is an individual sport. 2nd place should be the first loser, not the teammate who took one for the team.