HolyCoast: Lance Armstrong and Livestrong Sell Their Souls to Planned Parenthood

Friday, February 03, 2012

Lance Armstrong and Livestrong Sell Their Souls to Planned Parenthood

This is now another pro-abortion symbol:

Lance Armstrong sells his soul to Planned Parenthood:
Lance Armstrong, cancer survivor, champion cyclist and LIVESTRONG founder and chairman, issued the following statement:

“For 15 years, the Lance Armstrong Foundation has served people and families affected by cancer, especially those in underserved communities. We join Mayor Bloomberg and our partners in the philanthropic community today in their efforts to preserve access to cancer screening for women throughout the U.S. The Lance Armstrong Foundation will add an additional $100,000 to Mayor Bloomberg’s matching challenge for Planned Parenthood’s cancer services fund.
Here's something you never heard from the media during this whole mess - Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms. They only refer people to other sources. Consequently, the loss of funds from Komen would have have affected breast cancer screenings at all.


Larry said...

When John Brown launched his failed campaign to free the slaves, it scared the hell out of southern plantation owners. They got together and formed militias, which had been rag-tag remnants since the revolution, but after John Brown formed the foundation for what became the Confederate Army.

Liberals today are frantically rallying under the banner of Abortion because they're scared to death.

Nightingale said...

I just don't know how Christian liberals can rally under that same banner. Oh, I've heard some say that they personally don't like abortion, but they still support a woman's right to choose.

And though I want to be careful speaking for God, somehow I don't think He will make a distinction between being pro-abortion and being pro-choice.

Larry said...

What an amazing coincidence:

Lance Armstrong will not face charges as federal doping investigation is shut down