HolyCoast: Member of the Religion of Peace Tries to Blow Up the Capitol Building

Friday, February 17, 2012

Member of the Religion of Peace Tries to Blow Up the Capitol Building

Good work by the FBI on this one:
Authorities have arrested a man on his way to the U.S. Capitol for what he thought would be a suicide attack on one of the nation's most symbolic landmarks, Fox News has learned exclusively.

The man, in his 30s and of Moroccan descent, was nabbed following a lengthy investigation by the FBI, initiated after he expressed interest in conducting an attack. It's unclear how the FBI learned of his aspirations.

The man thought undercover FBI agents assisting him in his plot were associates of Al Qaeda.

When he was arrested Friday in Washington, he was carrying with him a vest supposedly packed with explosives, but the material inside was not actually dangerous, Fox News was told.

A short time earlier, he had been praying at a mosque in the Washington area. His destination was Capitol Hill.
The FBI needs to come up with a vest that has just enough power to kill the wearer without hurting anyone else. Let them go pop and clean up the mess. No trial, no defense attorneys. Simple.


Nightingale said...

Don't they have a VW Jetta for that? But then again that would be a waste of a nice looking car.

Larry said...

They should've taken the vest to Pelosi's office and told her "We have to open the vest to, ah, find out what's in it.

Larry said...

News just said the terrorist was in the country illegally.

Sam L. said...

Illegally? Well, Obama's Advocate For Illegal Aliens will step in.