HolyCoast: More Celebrities Have Been Waterboarded Than Terror Suspects

Friday, February 10, 2012

More Celebrities Have Been Waterboarded Than Terror Suspects

It's hard to make the case that waterboarding is torture when you see who's lining up to get the treatment:
We now know of more celebrities than terrorists who have been waterboarded -- TheDC’s Taylor Bigler reports that actor Denzel Washington has been waterboarded:

“There is no denying that Denzel Washington is a badass. But for his latest flick, ‘Safe House,’ he took his badassery to a whole new level. For his role as a rogue CIA agent, Washington was subjected to waterboarding, a torturous interrogation tactic used on enemy combatants.”

If you insist that waterboarding is torture, you must accept that we know of more American celebrities who have been voluntarily waterboarded than terrorists captured by America. And that’s not a joke!

Celebrities who have been waterboarded include the late writer Christopher Hitchens, actor Denzel Washington, radio show host Mancow and Playboy journalist Mike Guy. Al-Qaida terrorists who have been waterboarded by the U.S. include Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, Abu Zabayeda and Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri.
Maybe this will become popular among celebrities, kind of like a colon cleanse. Waterboarding will be the new "it" spa treatment that celebrities will pay thousands of dollars to experience ("It Makes You Feel Barely Alive!!").


Nicole_Tee said...

Water boarding is a serious way of torture that can involve dislocated joints, broken bones and some serious mental anguish. Although Denzel Washington had a choice to not perform the stunt, I think the fact that he went through with it shows that he’s serious about his role-playing. I found “The Inspiring Career of Denzel Washington” while browsing my job’s site, DISHonline.com, and this guy does not play around with his career choices. Safe House is now a must see for me!

Larry said...

I'd imagine that waterboarding, like anything done by people, is hard or soft depending upon the people doing it. Give enough blood and you'll notice some nurses are better at putting a needle in your arm than others. Some dentists are rough, while others are easy.

I doubt very much that Denzel was waterboarded as though he had informaion about the next mass murder plot in the USA, and remember that Hollywood is the land of illusion, where you can win an Oscar for doing all the ballet dancing yourself -only you really didn't.