HolyCoast: The Nevada Debacle

Monday, February 06, 2012

The Nevada Debacle

The GOP nomination process is a mess.  Caucuses need to end, and this weekend's Nevada mess is an example of all that's wrong with the system, and it doesn't help when fanatical Ron Paul supporters gum up the works:
Long lines, voter fraud complaints and angry Ron Paul supporters are turning a special caucus for religious voters who honor the Saturday Sabbath into a circus.

The Las Vegas caucus was supposed to start hours after the rest of the state concluded its Republican presidential caucuses.

But party officials were still frantically trying to sign in voters an hour after it started, further delaying election results from Nevada's most populous county.

Part of the trouble was some Paul supporters told voters they could show up for the late-night caucus for whatever reason.

But voters could only participate if they signed a declaration affirming that they couldn't vote during the regular morning caucuses because of their faith.

Clark County GOP chair David Gibbs says it's up to voters to be honest.
I saw video of one Ron Paul supporter having quite a temper tantrum because he wanted in to the evening caucus even though he'd already voted that morning. I won'd how much of that went on? According to some reports there were precincts with more votes than registered voters.

The GOP needs to lay down the law and end state caucuses, end any balloting in any form before February, and end open primaries.  All three of these things lead to bad candidates and general election losses.

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