HolyCoast: Obama's Attack on the Catholic Church is Backfiring

Friday, February 10, 2012

Obama's Attack on the Catholic Church is Backfiring

Word is that Obama will quickly backpedal on his new HHS policy that demands that religious organizations pay for contraceptives and even abortion drugs for their employees even if that religion feels it's immoral. The blowback against the policy has been impressive and Don Surber gives us some background on why Obama thought this was a good idea:
Catholics for Obama are getting paid back.

The political math is that most Americans are lax when it comes to church. American Catholics are cafeteria Catholics, picking and choosing among the principles that suit them. Even among anti-abortion Catholics, a good portion favor the death penalty and support wars. One of the problems Mitt Romney faces is that he is a Mormon. Not because Americans oppose Mormonism, but because he has a religion and he actually follows it. His generosity in general and his generosity to his church in particular are used against him, and apparently that works.
52 years ago, Americans feared having a Catholic president until Jack Kennedy assured them that he just went through the motions.
Now Americans fear a president who has any religion. Barack Obama assured them he wasn’t paying attention when Jeremiah Wright was preaching his craziness.
The polls show Obama that trashing religion means votes, so now is a good time to trash the Catholics.
The plan may be backfiring. While most Americans are not particularly religious, they like to defend freedom of religion when the religion does not threaten them. Most Americans (including Catholics) use birth control, so the Church’s edict on birth control is seen as harmless and as quaint as the Amish in their buggies. Obama’s attack on Catholics may turn out to be as popular as attacking the Amish. That is a pretty big mistake.
Expect an announcement from Obama later today. This fire is quickly getting out of hand and the campaign is starting to get hurt.

UPDATE:  Word is Obama will be making the announcement at 9:15 am Pacific time.

UPDATE: This is what Obama calls an "accommodation":
@McCormackJohn: .... religious institutions will still have to offer insurance plans that violate their beliefs.

@jstrevino: White House is trumpeting the support of Planned Parenthood for its fraudulent "compromise." Yeah, that ought to win over Catholics.
This is far from over. Planned Parenthood approves Obama's "accommodation" which means it's bad for Christians. They're mutually exclusive.

UPDATE: Obama's "accommodation" says the Catholic Church will not have to pay for contraceptive coverage for their employees, but here's the punchline: The insurers will have to provide the coverage for "free". Of course, that completely ignores the reality of economics. Everyone knows those costs will be passed along to the church in the form of higher premiums. It's the old "find the galoshes" principle (check the link for an explanation). The Catholic Church will be paying for something they think is immoral whether they like it or not.


Larry said...

And what time does Rush Limbaugh start his broadcast? If Obama is true to form he'll be an hour late to make his five minute speech -and he'll need the teleprompter for every second of that five minutes.

Larry said...

Why does this announcement matter? Whatever Obama says can be retracted after the election.

The only thing that matters is that the language in Obamacare granting the secretary of HHS broad authority WILL be used -eventually. Obama may hit the snooze alarm on that authority right now, but as soon as he doesn't have to worry about any ramifications he will use it.

Katherine said...

As part of a webcast held last week by a conservative political organization, the Most Rev. Walker Nickless, the Bishop of the Diocese of Sioux City, warned that contraception was a grave moral evil and that Christians "have to stand up and violently oppose this."

It is very clear that with 98% of women using birth control, the democratic process does not offer much hope in efforts against contraception. But does the closing of that door mean that violence is the only alternative?