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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Obama's Enemies List

Theodore Olson represents a company that has become enemy number one among many lefties, including and especially Obama:
How would you feel if aides to the president of the United States singled you out by name for attack, and if you were featured prominently in the president's re-election campaign as an enemy of the people?

What would you do if the White House engaged in derogatory speculative innuendo about the integrity of your tax returns? Suppose also that the president's surrogates and allies in the media regularly attacked you, sullied your reputation and questioned your integrity. On top of all of that, what if a leading member of the president's party in Congress demanded your appearance before a congressional committee this week so that you could be interrogated about the Keystone XL oil pipeline project in which you have repeatedly—and accurately—stated that you have no involvement?

Consider that all this is happening because you have been selected as an attractive political punching bag by the president's re-election team. This is precisely what has happened to Charles and David Koch, even though they are private citizens, and neither is a candidate for the president's or anyone else's office.

What Messrs. Koch do, in fact, is manage businesses that provide employment to more than 50,000 people in North America in legitimate, productive industries. They also give millions of dollars to medical researchers, hospitals and cultural institutions. Their biggest offense, apparently, is that they also contribute generously to nonprofit organizations that promote personal liberty and free enterprise, and some of those organizations oppose policies advocated by the president.
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The Kochs are now used as a punching bag for every perceived wrong the left can come up with. Their names were featured prominently in the Wisconsin union protests and the Occupy Wall Street uprisings. They represent the best of what America has to offer, and that's what enrages the left. Like George Soros on the left, the Koch Brothers have used their resources to promote those things they feel strongly about, and yet Soros is never singled out for the same type of criticism because the socialist policies he supports are politically correct as far as the lefties are concerned.

The Koch Brothers are big enough to withstand all of this, but those who don't have their resources could be destroyed by this level of attention, and that's troubling for all of us.

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