HolyCoast: Obama's Plan to Render Us Defenseless in the Face of Our Enemies

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Obama's Plan to Render Us Defenseless in the Face of Our Enemies

Rush Limbaugh had more on his show yesterday:
There are some things happening today that are downright scary. The regime, led by Barack Hussein Obama, is weighing options for reducing our US nuclear force, including a reduction of up to 80% in the number of deployed warheads — 80%. Folks, this is staggering. Meanwhile, the Iranians are nuking up. Iran announced today that they’re gonna cut off oil to six countries that have opposed its nuclear program, and more importantly, Iran also announced that they have installed domestically made nuclear fuel rods in their Tehran reactor.

Now, if that’s true, this is significant because the sanctions that are currently imposed on them are supposed to prevent them from getting the material that you need to make nuclear rods. And, also, if this is true, it puts Iran that much closer to being able to make a nuclear weapon. We’re unilaterally disarming. We are not requiring the Russians to go along and, even if the Russians said they would match these reductions, they lie. That is the lesson of the Russians and nukes. What was our top moment? Our number of warheads peaked at 12,000 in the late eighties. And let me tell you something. That number of nuclear warheads is what helped us win the Cold War. That number of nuclear warheads sent a message to every other nation, particularly at that point in time, the Soviet Union, “You hit us, it doesn’t matter. We’ve got enough left to wipe you out in retaliation.” That many nuclear warheads was a deterrent.

So much is flashing back to me. You go back to the eighties and the seventies, the nuclear freeze movement, the peaceniks wanted to get rid of nukes, and there was an arms race going on. We were increasing our stockpile, as were the Russians. The numbers mattered only in terms of deterrent. We had to keep up, and we had to stay ahead. You build, for example, the B-2 bomber, hoping never to have to use it. The left has never understood this about military matters and defense. They never understood this about nukes. You build them so that you don’t have to use them. That’s the point. You don’t build them because you want to. You don’t build them because you can’t wait to use them. You don’t build them because you’re warmongers. You build them so that you don’t have to. It’s what’s behind practically every major weapon invention and manufacture.

The B-2 stealth bomber, you hope you never have to use it. Now, we have had to, obviously. But the hope is that the brute force and the ability to project power is enough to deter anybody from taking us on. It’s a great strategy, it is how this stuff works, and now Barack Obama is reducing our stockpile unilaterally by 80%, back to 300 warheads. Now, you might say, “Well, that’s good, Rush, it’s making the world safer.” It is not making the world safer. If the Russians still have 15,000 or 2,000, whatever the number is, folks, there’s a balance of power here that has shifted away from us, and this — I am here to tell you — is by design.
Obama was raised to hate America. The people who were his mentors taught him to believe that America was great only because it had robbed the rest of the world. He was taught that America should not be a superpower, and he's doing his best to make sure we won't be in the future.

And he's making these decisions while facing reelection. What do you think he'll do if he wins and no longer has to worry about voters? Unilateral disarmament?

I'm beginning to wonder if there are some senior military men who are looking at this and deciding their not going to let this happen?


Larry said...

One reason it's handy to have many more nukes than you think you'll need is that delivering one isn't a sure thing. There was a time in the 1990's that NASA had a hard time just getting a satellite into orbit, the missiles just kept failing.

If we have 300 warheads and China has 300 warheads (estimated).

300 million Americans versus 1.3billion Chinese -who their own government doesn't give a crap about.

Guess who has leverage over the other?

The funny thing is that, should nuclear war happen, places like Hawaii, Chicago, New York and DC -places hot for Obama, would be the first to get vaporized.

Larry said...

"I'm beginning to wonder if there are some senior military men who are looking at this and deciding their not going to let this happen?"

I hope they take a lesson from the Catholic Bishops and DON'T wait until after it's done to do something.

Larry said...

I hear Eric Holder is firing up 'Operation Nuke Walker'.

Maybe he can get the Mexican drug cartels some nukes to show that the Navy and Air Force are behind nuclear proliferation and need to be disarmed.

Larry said...

By the way, if anyone wants to see what nuclear blackmale looks like, watch a movie called 'Colossus: The Forbin Project'.

Great movie.