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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Phone Call

Niall Ferguson, a history professor at Harvard, imagines the day Obama is notified that an Israeli strike against Iran is underway:
Picture the scene once described to me by a four-star general. It is not the proverbial 3 a.m. but 11 p.m. in the White House (7 a.m. in Israel). The phone rings.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: Mr. President, we have reliable intelligence that the Israeli Air Force is in the air and within an hour of striking suspected nuclear facilities in Iran.

POTUS: Damn. What should I do?

CJCS: Mr. President, I want to recommend that you provide the Israelis with all necessary support to limit the effectiveness of Iranian retaliation.

POTUS: But those [expletives deleted] never ran this past me. They went behind my back, [bad word].

CJCS: Yes, sir.

POTUS: Why the hell should I lift a finger to help them?

CJCS: Because if the Iranians close the Strait of Hormuz, we will see oil above $200 a barrel.

POTUS [after a pause]: Just a moment. [Whispers] How am I doing in Florida?

David Axelrod [also whispering]: Your numbers suck.

POTUS: OK, General, line up those bunker busters.
Between now and November is certainly the safest time for Israel to attack because Obama will be very hesitant to do anything that appears to be anti-Israel, and certainly interfering with an Israeli Air Force raid would give that impression.

Plus, time is running out if Israel is going to be able to significantly damage the Iranian effort.  Before long their facilities may be so far underground they'll be pretty much immune from the big bunker buster bombs.

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Larry said...

The actual conversation between Obama and CJCS would be classified and bear little or no resemblance to what the news media reports was said, or what was done as a result.

For example; the Democrat party legislated the destruction of the housing market and the world economy with it, and got away scot-free -blameless. The news media still think that Obama/Pelosi/Reid were trying to save the housing market from the Bush recession.

Anyone who could pull off that scam would have an easy time selling the line that Obama tried to save Israel, but they just wouldn't listen to him.

If the truth MUST be exposed, the media will keep a lid on it until mid November, and then claim that they did their job exposing the truth.