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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Photos From Hollywood

My wife and I took the train up to Los Angeles and the subway on to Hollywood to walk around the watch the people parade for awhile.  I took a few shots with the camera on my phone:

The first thing we were greeted with was a group of LAPD patrol cars speeding by with lights and sirens. Almost looked like a movie shoot.  I grabbed some quick video.

Our usual lunch spot is a Baja Fresh across the street from the Chinese Theater.  It's always entertaining to sit and watch the crowds and the people who dress up as various characters and take photos with the tourists.  There were no less than three Johnny Dep characters - Willie Wonka, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Mad Hatter.

We had lunch with Bill Cosby, Bette Midler and Carol Lombard.  At least with their stars which were on the sidewalk outside Baha Fresh.
I took this at the Hollywood-Highland center looking off toward the Hollywood sign on the hill in the back.
In honor of The Simpsons 500th episode they were having a fan challenge in which contestants were supposed to watch all 500 episodes back-to-back with only a 10 minute break every two hours.  The winner gets $10,000.   They were not allowed to take their eyes off the screen whenever the shows were playing.  Not enough for me.
Some of the Babylonian architecture on the Hollywood-Highland Center.
I stopped by the Capitol Records building to record my latest Top-40 hit single.  I let you know when it comes out.
Union Station in downtown L.A.
We spent the last hour or so in L.A. hanging out in Union Station.  My wife was reading her new book while munching the Valentine's Day candy I got her (yes, I shared the box).
Our ride home.

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