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Friday, February 03, 2012

President Checkbox

Mickey Kaus has an analysis of a piece that describes Obama's typical day, a day that apparently involves a multiple-choice presidency:
What does he do all day? Are you impressed with the image of Obama-at-work left by Ryan Lizza’s“Obama Memos” piece in the New Yorker? The President’s decision-making method–at least as described in the piece–seems to consist mainly of checking boxes on memos his aides have written for him. … They offer him four stimulus packages, none bigger than $890 billion. He does not ask for more but does push for an “inspiring ‘moon shot’” initiative. At first it’s a “national ‘smart grid’”–hard not to get inspired just hearing those words! When aides explain that this isn’t stimulating enough, he settles for “high-speed trains.” … He’s presented with a list of $60 billion in cuts to his core stimulus policies, and writes “OK.” … He “authorize[s] his staff” to plan a likely-to-be-useless “bipartisan ‘fiscal summit,’” asks “what are the takeaways”” is told he could “ask .. for continued dialogue,” and doesn’t write “this is all BS” and cancel the summit, which in fact proves useless. … He asks, “Have we looked at any of the other GOP recommendations (e.g. Paul Ryan’s) to see if any make sense” instead of, I dunno, looking at them himself.  … He’s given a memo on cutting government waste and writes “This is good stuff–we need to constantly publicize our successful efforts here.” Does he later notice that either the efforts or the attempt to publicize them were wildly ineffective?  … He’s asked to check a box saying whether he wants to fund his “child nutrition agenda” out of the money for community colleges. … He’s asked about including medical malpractice reform in his health care bill, and writes (“in his characteristicaly cautious and reasonable style”) that“we should explore it.”  … He’s presented a plan for a watered-down tax on multinationals or a very watered down tax. He writes “worth discussing.”  … He’s advised to appear less hostile to “the anti-government right” and its concerns by discussing “what small businesses mean for the freedom to be your own boss” and doesn’t write ‘look, we passed a huge health bill and we’re spending billions on ‘green jobs.’ I’m not going to assuage  the Tea Partiers with some throwaway rhetoric about small business and it insults them if it looks like I think I can.’ … He’s offered a box to extend a one year non-defense spending freeze into a three year freeze. He doesn’t ask for a bigger, smaller, longer or broader freeze. He draws “a check mark.” … Finally, he’s presented with a classic three-box-con memo–two extreme boxes (big new jobs package, big new deficit package) and a safer middle box (“smaller, more symbolic” deficit efforts), a matrix clearly designed to get him to choose the middle option. He chooses the middle option.

I’m sure Obama is smarter than this. He can’t be an executive who spends his days checking boxes, accepting the choices presented by his aides, never reaching outside them through unconventional channels or reaching unconventional thinkers, never throwing over the framework with which he is presented.
I’m sure of it, but I can’t find much evidence for it in Lizza’s piece. The aides who leaked him the memos didn’t do Obama any favors.
There's more at the link. I'm sure he gets regular memos form people like Eric Holder which say "Do you like me - check Yes or No".

Anyone who suggests this is the smartest guy in every room he walks in is kidding themselves. Look at what's happened with all of his major initiatives - he's delegated them to someone else. In fact, he's the probably the least prepared and least qualified guy in any combination of people you want to gather. He's being led through his presidency by his aides, much like he's been led through life by a collection of leftist mentors.  His ideas are not his own.  He's a puppet.


Larry said...

"His ideas are not his own. He's a puppet."

I would make the distinction that the overall goal is his, but the means to the end are mostly devised by others.

Nightingale said...

I don't know about that Larry. I think Obama's goals come not from himself or from his aides, but from his back-room handlers; the ones that got him elected.

And to think that having been a state governor or CEO doesn't qualify the likes of Romney for the presidency, but Obama is supposedly qualified?

Why is that, exactly??