HolyCoast: Several Million Mad Moms Could Be Big for the GOP

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Several Million Mad Moms Could Be Big for the GOP

I alluded to this story early this morning, but the more I think about it the more I think the GOP could take this and run with it and make it a huge easy to understand issue for voters - even though who aren't paying that much attention:
A preschool girl was told her homemade meal wasn't healthy enough - so a school cafeteria monitor made her eat chicken nuggets instead.

The rejected meal consisted of a turkey and cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread, with a side of a banana, potato chips, and apple juice.

'What got me so mad is, number one, don’t tell my kid I’m not packing her lunch box properly,' the mother from North Carolina, who wished to remain anonymous, told a local newspaper....

It isn't clear what the entire meal that the cafeteria at West Hoke Elementary School consisted of, but all that the picky four-year-old girl ate were the chicken nuggets....

On top of the wasted food that was sent home with the little girl at the end of the day was a $1.25 bill for the 'healthy' school lunch.

'I don't feel that I should pay for a cafeteria lunch when I provide lunch for her from home,' the mother wrote in a letter to her state representative.
So, instead of eating most or all of the lunch her mother made, which would have given her ample calories and nutrition to continue on during a busy energetic day, the poor kid ended up eating some processed compressed chicken lips and throwing the rest of it away.  That kid didn't get what she needed, and you can thank the federal government for that.

Here's an issue that brings too-big government down to a level that every voter can understand. When we come to a day when a federal lunch inspector can veto a lunch lovingly made by a mom for her little girl, the government is clearly too big and too intrusive.

The fact is, liberals believe that most moms are incapable of properly taking care of their own children. They think they must educate them on proper nutrition, and they're either too dumb or too uncaring to get it right on their own. This is big government gone mad, and if I were a GOP candidate I'd tell this story in every speech I gave.  Even liberal moms are going to be offended at the idea of some government twit vetoing the lunch choices they made for their child.  Even they will be able to understand that government has gotten out of control.

And a government that's so big it can check preschool lunches can certainly mess up...or end...your life when it comes to managing your healthcare.

This has got to stop.  GOP - this issue is a two-strike belt-high fastball down the middle of the plate.  Will you hit it out or strike out?


Sam L. said...

Not just chicken lips! Snouts, too.

Larry Sheldon said...

Let's go straight with the story, because I want to how Mooch figures that breaded grease balls are more nutritious than turkey and cheese.

[And I just realized the comment window opened up and I am commenting!]

Nightingale said...

Time to go viral with this on the Internet. And get an attorney and bill the school for that.

Larry said...

“A lesbian couple in California who say their 11-year-old son Tommy who wants to be a girl named Tammy are giving their child hormone blockers that delay the onset of puberty -- so that he can have more time to decide if he wants to change his gender.”

“Tommy's parents, Moreno and Lobel, say they support their child and feel this is the best way for him to find an answer to a question he’s been asking all his life. They say Tommy – whom they now call Tammy – began taking GnRH inhibitors over the summer so that he will remain a prepubescent boy until he turns 14 or 15. They say they want to give him more time to explore the female gender identity that he associates with.”
-FoxNews October 17, 2011

Poor Tommy is going to grow up with his mental wires crossed, but a turkey sandwich is too dangerous. At least we know what the requirements are for the left to think you have parental rights.