HolyCoast: Was Planned Parenthood's Faux Outrage Designed to Cover Up Dangerous Practices?

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Was Planned Parenthood's Faux Outrage Designed to Cover Up Dangerous Practices?

Could be (from Life News):
For Planned Parenthood, the loss of Komen funding represented 6/10 of 1/1000 of their budget. So what’s going on here?

It wasn’t the money at issue, it’s what Komen’s support means for the organization. Planned Parenthood makes their money performing abortions, mostly on young people. Former Planned Parenthood clinic director, Abby Johnson, tells of how the corporate model at PP was built around abortions.

The charade of concern for women’s breast health is the only socially acceptable vestige left for the organization’s bruised and tattered reputation. Planned Parenthood performed manual breast exams and referred women to mammogram centers. In some instances, it appears that they paid for the mammograms.

However, Planned Parenthood lied about performing mammograms, and Lila Rose caught them in that lie.

Subsequently, Komen decided that their money would be better spent on paying directly for mammograms, and that’s when all hell broke loose.

Planned Parenthood has an odd way of demonstrating its concern for women’s breast health. They target teenagers with low-dose birth control pills which will fail in their contraceptive effect if not taken precisely on schedule, setting up a lucrative abortion. What the oral contraceptives will not fail in doing is increasing the risk of the deadliest and most aggressive form of breast cancer, triple negative breast cancer.

How much risk?

According to Dr. Louise Brinton of the National Cancer Institute in a 2009 paper, women whose age of first use is below 18 years old have a 540% increased risk. Is that statistic in any of Planned Parenthood’s literature?
What you may not know about all this is the news of Komen's decision to change their grant structure was not released by Komen, but by Planned Parenthood. And given the way they operate, I guarantee you they had already notified their allies in the media and Congress that this news was coming so they could get the desired level of outraged response. Komen was providing them cover and when they risked losing that cover they fought back at a level way out of proportion to what they were losing.

I still think Komen did significant and permanent damage to their brand with this whole episode.  The pink ribbon now has a whole new meaning.

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