HolyCoast: At Any Other Point in History a President Begging a Foreign Enemy for "Space" Would Have Ended His Career

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

At Any Other Point in History a President Begging a Foreign Enemy for "Space" Would Have Ended His Career

And it should Obama too.  Hugh Hewitt makes the comparisons:
Only the slobbering Obamians within the MSM don't seem to understand an enormous moment when it happens, so busy are they with their Etch-a-Sketch comments by a staffer and their zombie narrative about the GOP convention being brokered or some other nonsense.

How to explain to them? Analogies might work if any of them have basic history down.

Imagine Ike telling Molotov in '55 that he was facing his last election next year and that he needed some space, and the Soviet foreign secretary assuring him he'd transmit the information to Uncle Joe.

Or JFK saying the same thing to Gromyko, he agreed to pass it on to Khrushchev.

Or Nixon saying to Zhou forty years ago during his trip to China "This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility." And Zhou replying, "I will transmit this to Chairman Mao."

Russia is our adversary, and on nearly every issue they are working to destroy our position in our world and subjugate former allies. They are arming Iran, have invaded Georgia, and are blackmailing Europe. What doesn't the president understand about Russia? Apparently everything.
If Mitt Romney can't make this into a big campaign issue he's not up to the job either.


Larry said...

Does anyone honestly think that Obama hopes the Brits win in the movie ‘Zulu’? If Obama watched the movie ‘300’ I'd bet deep inside he'd be rooting for Xerxes. It's not that he doesn't understand Shaka Zulu or Xerxes, it's that he hates Western Civilization.

Hewitt had me up until that last line about Obama not understanding Russia. The only thing Obama doesn't understand is how evil it is to undermine a country that has done so much to push civilization forward.

Obama doesn't see his role as President as doing what's best for America, but what he can do as President to do what's best for the world -and if that means giving Putin the keys to the store then so be it.

Sam L. said...

And having Russia run the world is what's best for the world? Is that what you're saying, Larry?

Somehow I don't think so, but it reads that way to me.