HolyCoast: California Voters Being Fooled by Governor Moonbeam

Monday, March 26, 2012

California Voters Being Fooled by Governor Moonbeam

This is depressing:
California voters strongly support Gov. Jerry Brown's new proposal to increase the sales tax and raise levies on upper incomes to help raise money for schools and balance the state's budget, according to a new USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll.

Sixty-four percent of those surveyed said they supported the governor's measure, which he hopes to place on the November ballot. It would hike the state sales tax by a quarter-cent per dollar for the next four years and create a graduated surcharge on incomes of more than $250,000 that would last seven years. A third of respondents opposed the measure.

Brown's new plan, rewritten recently amid pressure from liberal activist and union groups that had a competing proposal, relies on a larger share of revenue from upper-income earners than his original measure. Correspondingly, it leans less upon sales taxes, which are paid by all California consumers. The poll shows that taxing high earners is overwhelmingly popular.
There's only one big problem - taxes on high earners NEVER generate as much money as promised because the wealthy have all kinds of ways to hide or defer income, not to mention the fact they can vote with their feet and leave the state. Look at what happened in New York when they raised taxes on high earners? The high earners fled and New York was left in a bigger hole than the one in which they started.

And I can only remember one time when "temporary" taxes actually were allowed to expire.  Once enacted these taxes will be with us forever.

However, the high earners won't.  They'll be gone.


Larry said...

Do they still give Mexicans in-state discounts for college tuition?

But they'll slap successful American businessmen with a surcharge.

This is nothing more than get-even-with'em-ism.

Nightingale said...

Gee, a poll from liberal bastions like the University of Spoiled Children and the Left Angeles Times that supports Gov. Brown?

I'm not worried.

Anonymous said...

What worries me is having officials from the school district where I work telling employees they'd better vote for the tax increase or face layoffs.

Isn't that intimidation? Is it even legal?

This happened in Orange County.

Larry said...

"officials from the school district where I work telling employees they'd better vote for the tax increase..."

How are the officials going to know which way employees voted? All they'll know is that they voted, but not yea or nay.

Underdog said...

First off. . .

Poll driven "news" reports citing USC or the Lost Angeles Times survey polling data are just propaganda by the left. If they repeat it often enough. . . it will happen, according to them. Ignore the man behind the curtain. . .

Statistics can't vote. People can.

I get this "we have to vote for Proposition XYZ" mantra from my employer, a government "public" school tax supported organization. Nothing in writing, though that I'm aware of. It's vocally stated in particular by one secretary who makes no bones about her beliefs, thinking them to be the only solution to save her colleague's jobs and thus benign thoughts.

There are closeted conservatives and Christians in these kinds of workplaces, though. I oughta know!

Lots of misguided colleagues who vote Democrat but don't consider the consequences of voting that way. Actually, you can make common ground with them if you know how to accentuate common beliefs and hopes, and then discuss how to make them happen. Often I find my colleagues don't have a good grasp of economics or how small businesses make a profit. . . not understanding the free enterprise system. Your Underdog does what he can to bring light to the situation at hand. . . (smile)

ANY employer who has told in writing how their employees ought to vote leaves one with a bad taste. In the voting booth this is illegal - having an employer present in the voting booth with the voter. Unions say in writing how to vote all the time, and it's regarded as legal. Uneven playing field, imho.

Anonymous said...

OK, Larry, the school officials are not in the voting booth, but lying to employees to get them to do something IS a form of intimidation.

Could you imagine the uproar if some fundamentalist Christian said vote this way or that or you'll go to hell? The progressives would be all over it, even if they don't believe in hell.

And Underdog, we Christians in my school district are trying to find common ground with the weak link employees as well. Like the secretary who told me she didn't care about the Stock Market, because she doesn't invest in it. To which I responded, "And guess where your retirement fund through CALPERS is invested?" She said sheepishly, "The Stock Market?" I said, "You betcha."