HolyCoast: Canucks Go Crazy Over Event Featuring Conservatives

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Canucks Go Crazy Over Event Featuring Conservatives

The tolerant left strikes again, this time in Canada:
Just two days after it was announced that former Vice President DickCheney canceled an April speaking engagement in Toronto, Canada, organizers working with Spectre Live, the promotion company for the event, have reportedly received death threats and harassing phone calls at the company’s Toronto office. In light of the cancellation, Mark Steyn will be taking to the stage to give a performance that he guarantees will be more than “a guy giving a speech.”
Yesterday I heard a local L.A. talk show host mocking Cheney for canceling this event. Looks like Cheney's security concerns were well founded.

I'll bet Steyn's performance will be a barn-burner.

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