HolyCoast: Does the Media Think Bo the Dog's Opinion is as Important as Obama's?

Friday, March 16, 2012

Does the Media Think Bo the Dog's Opinion is as Important as Obama's?

The Washington Post's David Nakamura, today's White House pool reporter, had these odd lines in his last dispatch, just as the president was returning from a speech in Maryland:

POTUS arrived back at WH at 12:45 pm after uneventful ride. POTUS was greeted in Rose Garden by Bo. POTUS didn't reply when another pooler asked:
"Does Bo think you should release the Strategic Petroleum Reserve?"
So a gallon of regular is today costing Americans $3.82. And the question the press has for the president of the United States is whether his dog, Bo, thinks oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve should be released.
Makes as much sense as most of the questions they ask Obama.

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Larry said...

Remember when journalists in this country weren't afraid to speak truth to power -to hold those in authority accountable, and dig for the truth no matter where it may lead?

Those days are long gone.

The nightly news is littered with brain-dead infotainment, and what little news there is requires little knowledge to realize that at least half of it is misinformation, either deliberately or through the abject ignorance of those doing the reporting.


We're well past the point in this country where the problems we face; debt, inflation, unemployment, corruption, gas prices, the routine circumvention of the Constitution, can be laid at the feet of those in power, as well as those who are supposed to be watching them.