HolyCoast: Evangelical Atheists Finally Take On Something Other Than Nativity Scenes

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Evangelical Atheists Finally Take On Something Other Than Nativity Scenes

I've long been critical of atheists for going after soft targets - Christians and Christmas symbols - targets that don't usually shoot back.  This guy in New York has decided to take on two groups that might not be quite so accommodating:
Despite receiving multiple death threats, American Atheists will move forward with plans to erect billboards proclaiming, “You know it’s a myth… and you have a choice” — one in the heart of a predominantly Orthodox Jewish community in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, N.Y. on Tuesday, and another on Wednesday two blocks from a mosque in Paterson, N.J., which is home to a large Muslim population.

The Arabic word for Allah will appear on the billboard in Paterson while the Hebrew translation of God will be printed on the one in Williamsburg.

American Atheists, based in Cranford, N.J., is a civil liberties group that advocates for the “total, absolute separation of government and religion” and equality for atheists.

David Silverman, president of American Atheists, told The Daily Caller that he contacted the police on Monday after receiving threatening phone calls and faxes from disgruntled individuals angry with the decision to put up the signs.

Threats made against Silverman’s life, which he described as “anti-Marxist and anti-Semitic,” are currently being investigated by the Cranford Police Department.
Isn't it interesting how Marxism and atheism have become connected in his story. Where you find one you often find the other.

I applaud the courage of his convictions for going after a Muslim community, and I'm sure when it's all over he'll have a dignified funeral.  This won't end well for him.

And don't forget, National Atheists Day is coming up soon on April 1.


Nightingale said...

Anti-Marxist...like that's bad?

Sam L. said...

April 1st is the perfect day for it!