HolyCoast: Florida Atheists Embarrass Themselves

Monday, March 19, 2012

Florida Atheists Embarrass Themselves

How silly is this?
A group of atheists in Florida spent part of their weekend washing away a blessing placed upon a local highway by a religious group.

Armed with brooms, mops and "unholy water," the atheists gathered Saturday to symbolically clean up holy oil that Polk Under Prayer put down on Highway 98 near the Pasco-Polk county line last year, Bay News 9 reported.

"We come in peace," Humanists of Florida director Mark Palmer announced before he and members of other atheist organizations launched their cleanup. "Now that's normally what aliens say when they visit a new planet, but we're not aliens, we're atheists!"

According to the report, Palmer said Polk Under Prayer's blessing "sends a very bad signal to everyone in Polk County, and [anyone] who travels through Polk county who doesn't happen to be Christian."

The unblessing project, he explained, was "not about atheist rights" but about "welcoming everybody into Polk County."
When Christians choose to "bless" a highway they're not just blessing it for any Christians who happen by, they're blessing it for everyone. Of course, the blessing probably won't stop anyone from being in an accident and probably won't make the highway any safer for Christian drivers, but it's a nice touch and if it makes people think a bit more about their driving, all the better.

Why do atheists hate drivers?

I have to believe this kind of activity deeply embarrasses atheists who want nothing more than to be left alone in their unbelief and allow others to be left alone in their beliefs.

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Sam L. said...

Or...is it their unbeliefs?