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Monday, March 05, 2012

The Gospel of Envy

Winston Churchill said it pretty well:
What's even more shocking than the number of people who still haven't figured out that socialism has failed everywhere it's been tried, is the hatred with which they attack conservatives for opposing them.  The left is attempting to silence anyone who speaks out against them, up to and including the complete destruction of that person's livelihood and relationships.  It's borderline Satanic.


Larry said...

I mentioned in another blog post that Eastern Europe used to serve as an example of what socialism does. The state that Eastern Europe was in has faded to distant memory, which is what the utopians rely on to press anew their agenda. There needs to be a museum to socialism -maybe call it 'The Newseum' -with a gallery showing people standing in line for shoes, or people standing in line for toilet paper, or people being shot dead by border guards while trying to escape from their homeland.

People forget these things and must be reminded from time to time.

Sam L. said...

Well, not EXACTLY the equal sharing of misery. The apparatchiks do pretty well for themselves, and the rest get to share the misery.

Underdog said...

Socialism is a doggone religion with these people, on a par with being a part of the Democratic Party. We've got one who constantly writes on a local weblog around here.

These beliefs are sacrosant and cannot be discussed or debated. They must be shoved down the enemy's throat. . . and they see the enemy as US.

Another religion gone run amok: Entitlementism. The US Constitution is viewed as the Supreme Document, and the Bible can literally go to Hell with these folks. Pass laws, give rights, benefits to all who support them. . . as far as the eye can see. A plague and disease upon this land.

By not remembering the past and how the United States was formed, not taking the time to study the founding documents such as the Federalist Papers and George Washington's personal journal, we are now condemned to repeat the mistakes of our oppressors, past and present. And I weep. . .