HolyCoast: How's All That Free Stuff Working Out For You, Obama Voters?

Monday, March 26, 2012

How's All That Free Stuff Working Out For You, Obama Voters?

I wonder why no one has gone back to interview Peggy Joseph who made news during the 2008 campaign? From Morning Jolt:
The blogger Scared Monkeys takes a trip down memory lane:

The fact of the matter is that the MSM will willfully and purposely lie for President Obama. Is it any wonder why these folks have little to no credibility anymore? The MSM is all in for this President and it has become obvious to most. What was bad for Bush, should also be bad for Obama. However, if the MSM ever took an even keeled approach to reporting the news and the impact of Obama's policies on "We the People", his approval rating would be in the 30's. Instead, they set the bar lower for Obama and change the narrative altogether.

I wonder how Peggy Joseph feels these days about her comments she made in 2008 about now that Obama is the President she will not have to worry about putting gas in her car. Peggy, just a reminder for you that gas prices are presently $3.89, they were $1.84 when you made your comments. Hey Peggy, how's that "Hopey-Changey" Obama will pay for your gas working out for you?

By the way, my bet is that a large number of folks on the right remember Peggy Joseph's comments from 2008, and most on the left don't remember seeing her at all (if they ever did). "I won't have to worry about putting gas in my car, I won't have to worry about my mortgage. If I help him, he's going to help me." Conservatives seized upon that anecdote because it confirmed our worst suspicions about the voters who prefer Democrats: They believe A) the purpose of government is to give them free stuff, and B) the government can and will give them free stuff. 
C'mon press, if this had been a Bush voter praising Bush before the 2004 election you know she would have been interviewed by EVERYONE during the 2008 campaign to show how Bush's policies failed her.


Larry said...

We are living in a post-personal-responsibility America -and government's job is to take it from the responsible, rename it “Obama’s Stash”, and give it to the irresponsible.

It's not your fault you decided to live beyond your means. Here's a low interest loan for a house you can't afford.

It's not your fault you pursued a college education in a subject that is as marketable as a pet rock. Your college loan is forgiven.

It's not your fault you blew your life savings on stuff like drugs and alcohol. Here's a lifetime of welfare benefits.

It's not your fault you got pregnant at 17. Here's some free contraceptives.

It's not your fault you got half your body tattooed -eliminating your job prospects for all but manual labor. Here's years of unemployment checks.

Otto Yamamoto(ECHM) said...

Low interest loans for houses you can't afford? Perhaps you're referring to the subprime mortgage mess. That started in 2004 with increases in these sort of loans by private lending institutions.

Really? I was unaware that unemployment lasted for 'years'. The actual maximum is 26 weeks, and you can file for further extensions if economic circumstances warrant it-under the Emergency Unemployment Compensation act of 2008. Incidentally, that expires on 29th December of this year. I have not heard of any plans to extend it. Oh, and also, the act was signed on 30th June 2008. I think Bush '43 was still in office then. Also, you don't just 'get' unemployment benefits. You have to provide evidence that you are actively seeking employment(and can be penalised if you falsify/do not seek employment). Unemployment benefits are also subject to Income Tax.

College Loan forgiveness? You can get loans forgiven if you work in public service(The College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007); certain occupations also qualify: Medical and teaching mostly, but loan forgiveness is based on either completing a term of volunteer government service(VISTA, Peace Corps or Americorps)or joining the military. I don't know what comprises a 'subject as marketable as a pet rock'.

The Personal Responsibility and
Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 (PRWORA), which imposed a 60-month time
limit on federally funded assistance for most families. Many States already had time limits in place before that. There are very few cases of 'lifetime benefits' unless a person is already a ward of the State for some reason. You don't get welfare benefits for 'blowing your life's savings'.

Free contraceptives are cheaper than paying out your tax dollars to support somebody's brood of kids, don't you think?

And as far as ink? I have it on my hands and forearms. I just had to turn down 3 other Nursing agencies that wanted to offer me work, because the one I work for now called a wee bit earlier. I have never had trouble finding work. I have many friends who can say similar. And what's the shame in manual labour? I have a friend that's helping build the 2nd Ave Subway. He's pretty proud of that. And you can't get unemployment for years(in any event), or if you have not been employed, or if you are sacked.