HolyCoast: I Have a Two Word Response to Independents Who Demand the GOP Change to Meet Their Standards

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Have a Two Word Response to Independents Who Demand the GOP Change to Meet Their Standards

Can you guess what it is? This rant is as a result of reading this headline:
Independents: Religious Conservatives Have Too Much Control Over GOP
You can read the article if you like, but everything I need to know is in that headline.

My response: Screw 'em.

The author of that piece wrote me and said this:
Without independents, the GOP loses
I wrote back:
If independents want the GOP to be a certain way they can join and show us how it's done. Otherwise, screw 'em.
The biggest mistake the GOP has made in elections such as 1992, 1996, and 2008 is trying to tailor their message to the independents. We lost all three of those. Trying to make your message fit the goals of a bunch of wishy-washy independents who can't even figure out what they believe is a waste of time because it's a constantly moving target, dependent on which way the political winds are blowing on a given day.

If independents want the GOP to look and sound a certain way let them join the party and work from the inside to move it in the direction that they feel it should go.  Otherwise...well, you know.  Sitting outside and making demands on the party is like me going to a Chinese restaurant and demanding they serve burritos.  I wouldn't expect the restaurant owner to listen to me anymore than the GOP should listen to these independents.  The party has to stand for something.

I'm old enough to remember both of Ronald Reagan's presidential campaigns. Reagan never varied in his conservative message. He didn't try to cater to specific groups, he targeted his message to Americans. He said this is who I am, this is what I believe, and if you want a better and more prosperous America you need to support me in November. Millions of independents were attracted to the message of Reagan conservatism and he tossed out a sitting president and won two of the biggest electoral romps in history.

We could have done that this year too.  That's the real shame in all of this.

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Larry said...

The GOP Establishment -making excellent conscession speeches since 1976.