HolyCoast: James Carville Is Still Firmly Entrenched in 2000

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

James Carville Is Still Firmly Entrenched in 2000

I heard a clip of Carville commenting on the Supreme Court's apparent disdain for Obamacare that got me riled up. I don't have the exact quote, but it went something like this:
What do you expect? Scalia and Thomas overturned an election!
Really, James? What election would that be?

Of course, he's talking about the 2000 presidential election and more specifically the results in Florida which gave the nod to George W. Bush and deprived us of the incredible majesty of Al Gore. Democrats will go to their grave trying to delegitimize Bush's presidency.

Well, words mean things James, so let's look at yours. In order to "overturn" an election the assumption must be that one party was declared the winner only to have the courts take the win away and give it to his challenger. At what point did the court take away the win from Al Gore?

Let's look at the possibilities:
  • Did Gore win Florida on election night?  No, Bush ended up with over 1,000 more votes.
  • At any time during the recounts and contests was Al Gore ahead by even one vote?  Nope, he trailed the entire time.
  • The night the election was certified was Al Gore declared the winner?  Nope, the official certification signed by Secretary of State Katherine Harris showed Bush the winner.
  • How about the Electoral College?  Was Gore declared the winner when the Electoral votes were tallied?  Nope, Bush won that too.
  • How about the media consortium that conducted a full recount of Florida after the election was completely over?  Did Gore have more votes then?  Nope, he lost that too.
So what did Al Gore actually win?  He did have more national popular votes which in a presidential election means exactly NOTHING.  We don't elect our presidents by popular vote.  In fact, had there not been an early and incorrect call by the networks in Florida Bush would have likely won the state by more than 10,000 votes and probably carried the national numbers too.

In conclusion, Gore won nothing but had the election "overturned" by the Supreme Court.

Get your head out of your hindquarters, James.  You lost.  Get over it.


Nightingale said...

Sour grapes.

And Al "Sore-Loser" Gore would have lost by even more if the Democrats would have allowed those military votes to be counted. Remember that? I think it was in the neighborhood of 10,000 of our service men and women who were denied their right to vote.

But that's how the new Democrat party works: Create a false narrative and just keep saying it loud and long; that will make it so.

Carville needs a proctologist.

Sam L. said...

He can't get over it--he's a Democrat.