HolyCoast: Liberals Shocked..SHOCKED!! That Obamacare Could Be Overturned

Friday, March 30, 2012

Liberals Shocked..SHOCKED!! That Obamacare Could Be Overturned

It's interesting to hear people like Chris Matthews and even prominent lawyers like Jeffrey Toobin express absolute shock at the notion that Obamacare could be ruled unconstitutional. It never even occurred to them.

Jay Cost says the problem the left has is they never expose themselves to views other than their own:
The problem for the left is that they do not have a lot of interaction with conservatives, whose intellects are often disparaged, ideas are openly mocked, and intentions regularly questioned. Conservative ideas rarely make it onto the pages of most middle- and high-brow publications of news and opinion the left frequents. So, liberals regularly find themselves surprised when their ideas face pushback.

I think that is exactly what happened with Obamacare. The attitude of President Obama (a former con law lecturer at the University of Chicago, no less!), Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid was very much that they are doing big, important things to help the American people, why wouldn’t that be constitutional? No less an important Democratic leader as the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee cited the (nonexistent) “good and welfare clause” to justify the mandate.
Hopefully the shock and awe will become complete and Obamacare will be unceremoniously struck from the books. However the left will cling to the hope that the Constitution doesn't really mean that much to the Supreme Court and they'll just uphold it to avoid creating problems for Congress. Greg Sargent of The Plumline actually suggested that as a possibility.

I've got news for Greg - the Supreme Court does not see its job as making things easier for Congress. If Congress makes a huge mess, as they have with Obamacare, it will be Congress' problem to clean it up. That's why Justice Scalia said the court would not be wading through the 2,700 page bill and picking out the good parts. That's the job of the lawmakers.

And they'll be busy.


Larry said...

IF (and that's a big if) Obamacare gets struck down, the left will go through the five stages of grief:

...but most of them will get stuck on Anger. This summer, the OWS crowd will be primed and ready to go.

Sam L. said...

And if the SC isn't going thru it page by page, then Obamacare is out in it's entirety.

Hey, Dem congresscritters! It's YOUR mess, Clean it up.

Nightingale said...

And clean up they will. The Dems will then force a single-payer system on us later on.

I've heard it said, when watching what Obama does with his right hand, be sure to keep your eye on his left hand as well.