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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Media Bias Quote of the Day

h/t Breitbart:
"We hid this throughout the 2008 campaign."
That quote references the videos released yesterday of Barack Obama embracing a racialist Harvard professor, another promoter of the kind of black liberation ideology embraced by Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Yet another radical in Obama's past.

I think it's time to bring out this "Best of HolyCoast" post again: Face It, America, Your President Was Raised to Hate You.

By the way, if you think this video release is about getting Obama, I think you've missed the point.  It's about revealing the bias in the media that refused to vet Obama in 2008 while at the same time they were probing every facet of Sarah Palin's life and family.  Tear down his media protectors and you tear down the Obama myth.

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