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Saturday, March 10, 2012

My First Video Journalism

Twenty-four years ago today I was in my office in Mission Viejo when another employee came in and said there was a big fire across the freeway from us. I went outside and saw the huge black smoke header and remembered that I had brought my brand new RCA VHS video camera to work with me that day. My quartet was doing a show at Knott's Berry Farm that night and I wanted to tape it with the new camera. Since I wasn't planning to go home on the way, I had the camera in the car.

I drove over closer to the freeway where I'd have an unobstructed view and shot this video. It's kind of fun to go back and look at it today.

If I hadn't had the camera with me there would have been no way to get this footage. The camera was pretty big and actually rested on my shoulder as I filmed. Today I carry a camera/HD video camera in my pocket, as do most people. Everyone can do their own photojournalism just by taking out their cellphone. We just take those things for granted today.

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