HolyCoast: Nanny Bloomberg: Starving People Will Eat Healthy Or Not Eat At All

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nanny Bloomberg: Starving People Will Eat Healthy Or Not Eat At All

The Mayor of New York City will make you eat healthy food or not eat at all:
Bloomberg Buffoonery  -- In a breathtakingly stupid move, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is banning high calorie-food donations to homeless people. Seriously. Gene J. Koprowski reports for TheDC:

"The city’s new policy seeks to prescribe the kinds of food that homeless who live in its shelters can eat, and prohibits high-fat, high-calorie foods, as well as certain kinds of condiments, [National Center for Public Policy Research senior fellow Jeff] Stier told TheDC ... Those who run charitable homeless shelters in New York City are not pleased with the policy development thus far. 'The mayor is spending a lot of time on something that is less important than things he should be spending his time on,' Tony Butler, executive director of the St. John’s Bread and Life shelter in Brooklyn, told TheDC."
People who aren't getting enough to eat need calories, not lean "healthy" fare. In a perfect world we could ensure that everyone eats the way Nanny Bloomberg wants us to eat, but as the old saying goes, beggers can't be choosers. The homeless shelters should be able to accept and use whatever donations they get because it's more important to get calories in people than be concerned about what kind of calories those are.

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