HolyCoast: NASCAR in Fontana Today

Sunday, March 25, 2012

NASCAR in Fontana Today

But I have a feeling they won't get the race in because pretty significant rain is supposed to hit the area this afternoon and continue through the evening.  They have to get at least half the race run today or the show continues on Monday.  If they hit halfway before the rain, they'll call the race when the rain hits and send everyone on their way.  With the teams 3,000 miles from home and another race in Martinsville, VA next weekend, they won't want to linger in California any longer than necessary.

UPDATE:  They've made it to halfway, so the race will end today.  Now, can they finish before the rain gets there?

UPDATE 2:  Nope.  Red flag at lap 129 of 200.  My guess is they won't wait too long to call the race.

UPDATE 3:  Race is called and Tony Stewart is the winner.

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