HolyCoast: Nice Try, Barry, But Solyndra Belongs To You

Friday, March 23, 2012

Nice Try, Barry, But Solyndra Belongs To You

Obama tried to deflect criticism for the Solyndra solar energy mess that cost taxpayers at least half a billion dollars, but the truth shows a different story.  From Morning Jolt:
Per se what?

"Obviously, we wish Solyndra hadn't gone bankrupt," Obama said. "But understand: This was not our program per se."

"Congress -- Democrats and Republicans -- put together a loan guarantee program because they understood historically that when you get new industries, it's easy to raise money for start-ups, but if you want to take them to scale, oftentimes there's a lot of risk involved, and what the loan guarantee program was designed to do was to help start up companies get to scale," he said.

Guy Benson goes to town on the latest round of excuses:

It is true that "Republicans and Democrats" approved a green energy loan guarantee program. But "Republicans and Democrats" did notapprove this loan guarantee program. As FactCheck.org reminds us, the program under which Solyndra was handed $500 million in taxpayer money was authorized in the Obama/Reid/Pelosi partisan "stimulus" bill of 2009. Zero House Republicans voted for that law. Also, a previous Solyndra loan application was explicitly rejected by Bush-era actuaries because of its inherent soundness problems. Some of Obama's bookkeepers continued to warn against its approval, but they were overruled by the White House political team because the president's allies were determined to make the company the "poster child" of his green vision. That's also why Obama ignored internal worries and held a big presidential photo-op at Solyndra's (now-defunct) factory. The list goes on: Obama DOE officials sat in on Solyndra board meetings. One of Solyndra's top investors, George Kaiser -- who just happened to be a major Obama campaign donor -- also just happened to make a flurry of White House visits right before the doomed loan was given the thumbs-up. Kaiser and the White House claimed they didn't discuss Solyndra during those meetings. They lied. We also know that even after Solyndradefaulted on its initial loan, Obama's Energy Department conveniently restructured the loan terms, assuring that investors like George Kaiser would be first in line to get paid if (when) the company went belly-up. Obama owns this mess, and he knows it. But he's obfuscating and dissembling to save his own skin.

Obama 2012: Because nothing is ever his fault.
So, yesterday he tried to deflect blame for Solyndra while taking credit for a pipeline project he had nothing to do with. Just another day in the Obama White House.

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