HolyCoast: Obama: 41% Approval

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Obama: 41% Approval

And it's in poll which has been reflecting higher averages than many of the others:
Despite improving job growth and an extended Republican primary fight dividing his would-be opponents, President Obama is heading into the general election season on treacherous political ground, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.

At a time of rising gas prices, heightened talk of war with Iran and setbacks in Afghanistan, Mr. Obama’s approval rating dropped substantially in recent weeks, the poll found, with 41 percent of respondents expressing approval of the job he is doing and 47 percent saying they disapprove — a dangerous position for any incumbent seeking re-election.

The poll provides a statistical reminder of how unsettled and unpredictable this year’s political landscape remains. Just one month ago, Mr. Obama reached a critical benchmark by winning approval from 50 percent of Times/CBS News poll respondents, his re-election prospects lifting along with confidence that the nation was finally emerging from the aftermath of the Great Recession.
Of course, none of this means that when faced with a choice between Obama and Romney or Santorun he still couldn't pull it off. It will depend on how voters see him as a president and the other two as potential presidents.

However, incumbents going to an election year with numbers this low rarely survive.

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