HolyCoast: Obama's Oklahoma Visit's a Complete Sham and Political Stunt

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Obama's Oklahoma Visit's a Complete Sham and Political Stunt

Today Obama will burn thousands of gallons of jet fuel to travel to Cushing, OK to claim that he's expediting the southern leg of the Keystone pipeline, a project that doesn't require his approval and is going to be built on schedule whether he likes it or not:
The White House announced on Wednesday that it would expedite the approval process for the southern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline, but the company building the pipeline says the move will do nothing to speed its construction.

President Obama looked to use the stunt as a way to counter critics who say he has stymied the development of fossil fuels even as gas prices are at record highs. But as Heritage’s Nick Loris noted Wednesday, you can’t expedite a project by rejecting it. If the president were concerned with the country’s oil supply, his State Department shouldn’t have rejected the larger pipeline project.
This is a cheap political stunt designed to fool people who aren't paying attention, and unfortunately there are a lot of those. We have over 55,000 miles of pipelines in this country that operate safely every day, and with modern technology there's no reason to believe that the Keystone XL project would have been any less safe than any other. Obama rejected it because his environwacko base wouldn't let him support anything that brings more oil to our refineries.

This pipeline will be built. Every part of can be built without presidential approval except the section that crosses the international border. The rest of it is on private land out of the control of the federal government. Obama thinks he can stop progress. He can't.


Larry said...

CNN: A majority of Americans, including a plurality of Democrats, think the government should approve the building of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline.

Obama's pollsters must be telling him that, even with his October Surprise, he'll need more votes.

Larry said...

One more thing; this is the same way Clinton tried to take credit for welfare reform.