HolyCoast: Once Again Democrats Want to Have it Both Ways On Gay Marriage

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Once Again Democrats Want to Have it Both Ways On Gay Marriage

Obama has long been opposed to gay marriage, but he gives the activists a sly wink every now and then to tell them he's really with them even though he does nothing for their cause. Given that some 70% of black Americans oppose gay marriage, it's no surprise that Obama hasn't jumped aboard that bus yet.

L.A. Mayor Anthony Villaraigosa will be the chairman of the Dem Convention this year and he's pushing for a recognition of gay marriage from the Democrats. Not going to happen if Obama has anything to say about it:
The Democratic National Convention may not be so gay -- As in happy. TheDC's Neil Munro reports on trouble in liberal land:

"President Barack Obama’s campaign manager on Wednesday backed away from calls for the Democratic convention platform to endorse marriage licenses for same-sex couples. 'There is a process to go through this discussion,' said campaign manager Jim Messina. By the end of the September convention, he said, 'we will have a platform,' but did not say whether it should include a marriage stance. Instead, Messina slammed opponents of gay marriage."
So, Messina slams opponents of gay marriage without actually committing to do anything about it.  How very Democrat of him.  This issue is still a loser politically in many part of the country, so I expect Democrats will give it lip service at the convention without actually taking a stand in writing.

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