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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Paging Marco Rubio....

A Fox News poll shows that Hispanics favor Obama 6-1 over any GOP opponent. However, that can be changed:
One area where Republicans could gain back ground among Latino voters is by the choice of Vice President. Almost one-third of Latino voters say that they would consider voting Republican if there were a Latino on the ticket.
No Republican (that I would vote for) will agree to extend amnesty to illegals, and that seems to be what a lot of Hispanics want. However, putting a qualified Hispanic on the ticket could take some of the emphasis off of immigration and return it to the economy and jobs where it belongs.

Swinging a chunk of the Hispanic vote could also swing the results in several states, like Florida, New Mexico, Nevada, and possibly a couple of others.  It would be a good move for the GOP.

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