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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Political Tweet of the Day

From Barack Obama:
@BarackObama Add your name to demand that the Koch brothers make their donors public
The tweet included a link which I have deleted because the Koch Brothers are private citizens and the president and his horde have no right demanding they release private information.  This president thinks he's a king.

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Larry said...

Mark Steyn asked the following question of candidate Obama in 2008:

"What’s unprecedented is that, unlike John McCain, your website disabled the standard credit-card security system used by almost all reputable online retailers. Why did you do that? And, given that of the record $150 million you raised in September two-thirds was raised under this systemically corrupted Internet operation, isn’t it likely that a significant proportion of your half-hour infomercial was paid for by fraudulent donors? And, as to “expanding the pool of small donors in this country”, what about the way you’ve expanded the pool of donors in other countries who’ve been able to make illegal contributions to your campaign because you switched off the AVS security checks?"

So, Obama sets up his donation system to avoid knowing whether his anonymous donors are even legally donating, yet he wants the Koch brothers to publish theirs?

The heights of hypocracy climb to new levels every day!