HolyCoast: Rush Apologizes and Fluke Refuses to Accept. Who's the Small Person Now?

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Rush Apologizes and Fluke Refuses to Accept. Who's the Small Person Now?

Despite a written apology on his website Saturday, and a heartfelt broadcast apology on Monday morning, Sandra Fluke, the professional Dem women's agitator is refusing to accept the effort.  This is actually a good thing because it shifts the heartless bad guy role to her and her handlers.

Of course, I never expected her to accept.  Radicals don't have it in them to display common societal niceties, and the moment she did the story would be over.  Her 15 minutes of fame would end.  However, she would have retained a position on the high road had she done that.

Now the story will just dissolve, Rush will replace the lost sponsors, and this woman will go the way of many others who the Democrats have used up and thrown away.  She was a useful idiot whose usefulness has now come to an end.

Oh, and there's this:
@Talkmaster: The 2nd person @SandraFluke followed on Twitter, Ed Schultz, called Laura Ingraham a slut on the air.
Imagine my surprise.


Sam L. said...

Contrast her with Joe the Plumber. He asked a simple question and got a media colonoscopy in return.

She made statements in a PR House semi-Comittee meeting and was criticised. Rush got the full "How Dare You" treatment.

Larry said...

All Rush did was whip out a dictionary and find words which defined Fluke's confessed behavior. Nothing more. If the words 'slut' and 'prostitute' are offensive because Fluke didn't look like Julia Roberts in the first ten minutes of Pretty Woman, then those offended need to go to www.dictionary.com and look them up.

Ugly words define ugly things. Just because liberals want to be ugly in public without being embarassed doesn't mean that the rest of society should be forced to use pretty words for it.

This is just one of many reasons liberals hate Antonin Scalia -he uses a dictionary that dates back to 1828, making their job of slowly rotting the culture by changing the language more difficult.

Larry said...

And another thing; Just look at the word 'liberal'. By the classic definition of that word, would a 'liberal' want to ban smoking? Would a 'liberal' want to force everyone to buy the same healthcare?

The word liberals use to define themselves has been twisted to the complete opposite of what it used to be.

Larry said...

INGRAHAM: When I Was Called A Slut, 'Barbara Walters Kind Of Laughed It Off'...

Liberals remind me of that group, can’t remember the name, that is notorious for torching houses of worship of other religions, yet if their own holy book is inadvertently burned, they throw a temper tantrum.

Remember that 'phony theology' Santorum was talking about? He was right.