HolyCoast: Rush: Media Matters and the Left Are Little More Than "Jock Itch"

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rush: Media Matters and the Left Are Little More Than "Jock Itch"

Very appropriate description:
On his Monday show conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh recounted a trip he made to New York City last week for a charity event, and said that people expressed concern about the controversy he found himself in for calling Georgetown Law student and so-called birth control activist Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute.”

Limbaugh said firmly that there is nothing to be concerned about. In fact, he dismissed the notion that he is suffering at all from the boycott being waged against by left-wing activist organization Media Matters and other groups.

“So many people came up to me and were supportive,” Limbaugh said. “’You sound great on the radio. Are you doing OK?’ Yeah, I’m fine. ‘Well, all these boycotts?’ No, no, no — there really isn’t one. There is a fake boycott. There’s no advertiser boycott. There’s no consumer boycott. There’s something going on to made look like it. It’s as phony and ginned up as the Occupy Wall Street movement is.”

Limbaugh said that an incorrect perception has been foisted upon the public by powerful media outlets, and said he is fighting back.

“I came to the conclusion that a lot of people think that this has been profoundly effective and it hasn’t been,” he said. “It’s the power of the media to create a picture and an image. But no, we’re fighting back on this. That’s why we activated our Twitter account.”

Limbaugh had some choice words to describe Media Matters and its leader, David Brock. He called them “jock itch,” an infection of the groin area caused by fungus.

“Media Matters is like jock itch,” he declared. “It’s a chafing little rash in there. That’s all they are. That’s as serious as it is. It’s a bunch of little twerps sitting around with nothing better to do trying to occupy themselves. But they’re just jock itch folks. David Brock is jock itch. And any of these other people whose names come out — they’re just jock itch. That’s all it is.”
The Media Matters anti-Rush effort has gotten a bit derailed lately as attention has turned from their faux "war on women" to the Trayvon Martin charade. Whatever Media Matters thinks they're doing, it's not having much effect on Rush or the stations that carry him. He's still on over 600 stations nationwide and from what I can tell his advertising slots are full. The fact that some advertiser have tried to come back, and some have some back at the local station level, tells me this effort has failed miserably.

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Larry said...

"...has turned from their faux 'war on women' to the Trayvon Martin charade."

The left appears to be hyping anything and everything lately in an effort to enrage their minions. It's as though their short-term plans require riots.