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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Silly Photo of the Day

Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) shows her solidarity is Trayvon Martin, the black teen shot by a Hispanic guy in Florida:
I think there's more to this than simply trying to nationalize what is clearly at best a local story. I think Granholm is trying to hide her identity, which is exactly what I'd do if I had her record in Michigan.

Last night there was a "Million Hoodie March" in New York City.  Plans are currently underway for the "Million Saggy Pants March".

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Larry said...

The black vote isn't going anywhere, and this has potential to turn hispanics against the left (has anyone seen Edward James Olmos lately?).

I'd just like to know where the left intends to take this 'cause celebre' bandwagon. Have hispanics been stripped of their minority status, and all benefit-of-the-doubt that they had been granted?

Does the left intend to turn this incident into a gun control movement?

This incident is similar to the Yoshihiro Hattori shooting in 1992.