HolyCoast: Smartest Guy in the World Sends His 13-Year Old to Mexico

Monday, March 19, 2012

Smartest Guy in the World Sends His 13-Year Old to Mexico

Word is that Obama has sent his 13-year old daughter, along with some friends and 25 Secret Service agents, to Mexico for Spring Break.  I wonder what else went on in Mexico today?
Twelve Mexican police were killed in a mountain highway ambush hours after the severed heads of 10 people were dumped in a small town in a key illegal-drug-growing region, an official said on Monday.
Of course, the biggest danger to the Obama party may be the guns Eric Holder sent to the drug cartels down there.

Seriously, even with Secret Service protection Obama's daughter would be a prime target for kidnapping.  Can you imaging what the drug lords could do with that?  Has anybody in the White House ever watched The West Wing?  Even though an attempt would have a low probability of success, it could easily end up with dead agents and who knows what else.

Sending his daughter into what is effectively a war zone is amazingly dumb.


Nightingale said...

Like the 99% can send their kids to Mexico for Spring Break with 25 bodyguards.

Can't wait until November.

Laura said...

It's interesting, I went to Google News after reading your story, so I could read more about it, and there's a Politico story indicating that a number of news sites have scrubbed the stories. There was access to an original story that was filled with details on the group's sightseeing plans. I'm wondering if the Secret Service pressured the media to remove the stories for security reasons.

I'm sure the Obamas justify this as wanting Malia to be able to do whatever her classmates are doing for spring break, but honestly, between the dangerous location and the expense of having to send along a small army, at some point you'd think common sense might take over. Especially as it's another example of their ostentatious travel spending. But no such luck with the Obamas.

Best wishes,

Larry said...

If the Secret Service doesn't want their itinerary on the internet, the 'news' sites could still leave up the basic info, such as; the president's daughter, and her entourage, are flown to her vacation resort in Mexico -while normal Americans only venture there in a quest to find gasoline.

As it is, entire articles are being wiped off the internet to cover up the spring break vacation.

Sam L. said...

Common sense? Laura, you jest!

Larry said...

From The Blaze:
"The White House has admitted to telling news agencies to pull stories on Malia Obama visiting Mexico for spring break.

"However, in admitting to 'reminding outlets' about not reporting on the Obama children when there is “no vital news interest,” the White House has also tacitly admitted that Malia is (or now maybe was) in Mexico for spring break.

I'd call anything government does on my dime 'interesting news'.

Mikey J said...

Why does a 13 year old need to go to Mexico on spring break?