HolyCoast: There Used to Be One Andrew Breitbart. Now There's a Bunch of 'Em

Thursday, March 08, 2012

There Used to Be One Andrew Breitbart. Now There's a Bunch of 'Em

Like most people on the conservative side of the aisle I was shocked and saddened when I turned on my computer early last Thursday morning and read that Andrew Breitbart had died suddenly at only 43.  Sadder yet, he left behind a wife and four kids.  The vitriol from the left was awful...and expected...and I think a lot of us wondered what would become of the Breitbart empire with his sudden absence.

Well, based on what's happened in this past week, I'd say the Breitbart empire is in very good hands.  The new design for the "Bigs" websites rolled out on schedule on Sunday, and the project to begin a serious vetting of Obama, something Andrew promised before he died, kicked off yesterday with the first of what will be many explorations into Obama's radical past.  The goal of that project, as I understand it, is to do the vetting of Obama the mainstream media refused to do in 2008 and to make sure that by election day this year every American knows what they need to know about Obama, his life before the presidency, his record in office, and what he's likely to do if we give him another four years.

As a bonus to all this, we'll also get to see a lot of stuff the mainstream media ignored.  Their complicity in hiding Obama's true nature is obvious to many of us, but not to most of America.  That's gonna change.

TeamBreitbart is already drawing blood.  Just looking at the nearly hysterical reaction from outlets like CNN to yesterday's tape is a pretty good demonstration that this whole episode is going to be pretty painful for the press.

Although Andrew's death shocked the Breitbart team and many other conservative bloggers and activists, it also created a powerful motivation among them to follow Andrew's lead and take it to the left...hard.  I've never seen such intensity among the conservatives I follow on Twitter and Facebook as I'm seeing right now.  It's a beautiful thing.

Andrew was absolutely fearless, and I'm seeing the same fearlessness in the postings, statements and actions from dozens of prominent conservatives.  There used to be one Andrew Breitbart, now there are dozens.

This is going to be a rough year for Obama, the Democrats, and the liberal members of the media.

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