HolyCoast: Those Fun-Loving California Democrats

Friday, March 02, 2012

Those Fun-Loving California Democrats

Gotta love California Democrat politicians and their fun-loving ways:
State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, a fixture in the capital for 40 years, is at the center of an emerging sex scandal between his wife, who’s an Alameda County supervisor, and another man.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports Treasurer Lockyer was sent a sex tape of his wife with the man.

And the treasurer, thinking he was being blackmailed, called the Alameda district attorney to get his wife a stay-away order imposed against the man, identified by the Chronicle as 35-year-old Stephen Chikhani, a construction worker from San Jose.

But the DA’s investigation concluded her relationship with the man was consensual and that no crime occurred.

According to the Chronicle, that affair became public only after Nadia Lockyer called the cops on her boyfriend at a Newark hotel room, accusing him of assault. But no charge was filed in that case either.

Supervisor Lockyer, 40, is now back in rehab, where she first met Chikhani, her political career in question.
And of course, California taxpayers will be picking up the tab for all their rehab needs.

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