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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Video of the Day

When I'm working on the computer I'm often listening to fire dispatch radio from all over Orange County.  Lots of routine medical aid calls, but sometimes things get pretty interesting.  Yesterday there were two different apartment fires, one in Tustin and one in Los Alamitos, the second one which was actually called in by a fire captain from his station about 200 feet from the blazing apartment.  The guys were rolling out the door before the official alarm actually came in.  The radio traffic can get pretty intense as the first units in try to keep the fire from spreading and make sure everyone's out of the building.

I saw this video this morning of a helmet cam on a firefighter attacking a house blaze.  The pictures are pretty good - they must have had a lot of ventilation in the building to keep the smoke from being too bad.  It's a good reminder of what these guys are ready to do every day for us:

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