HolyCoast: We Don't Have a Government, We Have a Campaign

Saturday, March 17, 2012

We Don't Have a Government, We Have a Campaign

I think Charles Krauthammer sums up the Obama administration very nicely:
"I don't think there is anything new except for the fact that the administration is showing less pretense in trying to pretend it is not running. I don't think Obama has governed since election day in 2010. Certainly after the debt ceiling issue in August he's been campaigning full time. Can anybody name a single piece of legislation, a single proposal, a single speech he's gave that has been designed for anything other than to boost his constituencies, mainly women, Hispanics and youth? He's lost the enthusiasm. He hasn't had a good record. He needs to gin up the base," Charles Krauthammer said on FNC's "Special Report" tonight.

"So these people create out of nothing the war on women, immigration legislation that Obama knows has no chance of passing, giveaways like student loans. That is all he has been doing for the last year and he'll continue to do it until election day. We don't essentially have a government, what we have is a campaign," Krauthammer added.
We also have not had a budget passed in the Senate for over 1,000 days, meaning the government has been operating from one continuing resolution to the next, all because Obama and the Dems don't want to lay their actual plans out on the table for fear of massive rejection.  Washington is more dysfunctional than usual.

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