HolyCoast: Wiser Democrats Starting to Run From the Trayvon Martin Story

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wiser Democrats Starting to Run From the Trayvon Martin Story

There aren't very many of them, but their numbers are growing:
Top Democrats — including President Barack Obama’s re-election team — are now keeping their distance from the Trayvon Martin uproar, as each day reveals more facts about the teen’s slaying.

“As more facts come out, it’s more confusing for folks,” Sharon Gilpin, a Democratic political consultant, told The Daily Caller.

“There was a pretty intense rush to judgment … [but] it is important to get all your facts before you cement your feet in the sidewalk,” said Gilpin, who has worked on numerous Democratic campaigns and ballot initiatives.

“As tragic as this death is, there obviously is another side to the story,” former Democratic Rep. Artur Davis told TheDC. “We would all do well to wait for the facts to emerge.”
Waiting for the facts...imagine that.

Those who have chosen to get involved haven often found themselves with troubles. Director Spike Lee tweeted the address of the shooter...except it was the wrong address and the house belonged to an elderly couple who had to flee for their own safety. Today, at the prompting of the couple's attorney, Lee apologized via phone and agreed to compensate the couple for their troubles. He didn't like the look of the lawsuit he was likely to get.

Al Sharpton is still being a complete ass over this whole thing. It's all he's got. He's now threatening to "occupy" Sanford, FL over Easter weekend and demand that Zimmerman be arrested. I think Al's hoping his career as a race pimp will rise from the dead on Easter morning. He's setting the stage for another riot which is sure to have deaths and injuries - par for the course for Sharpton.

It's time to let the investigations run their course. My guess is they'll have a very hard time getting a conviction on a criminal charge. Chances are there will be enough evidence of self-defense to cause doubts in the minds of a jury. Civil rights charges, which don't require the same burden of proof, could be the government's fallback position. We'll see.

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