HolyCoast: Arby's Doesn't Want Your Business

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Arby's Doesn't Want Your Business

Yesterday Arby's announced on Twitter that it was no longer advertising on the Rush Limbaugh show.  What they didn't say was they were bullied by the Democrat activists that run several Twitter accounts and have a small hoard of minions who gang up on an advertiser in the hopes of getting this very reaction.

Conservatives started contacting Arby's via Twitter to remind them that dropping their advertising from the most listened to talk radio show in the country is probably a marketing disaster.  Arby's response?  Blocking the conservatives on Twitter.

So, conservatives, Arby's doesn't want your business or your point of view.  Find your roast beef somewhere else.


Larry said...

Sponsors come and go, no matter what show they advertise on. Their blocking of conservative tweets is puzzling, and may have been done by one lowly moderator as opposed to a company dirictive, but there has to come a time when an exiting sponsor should be given the benefit of the doubt that they left the show naturally and not due to pressure from the likes of Media Matters.

Sam L. said...

I didn't know they advertised on Rush.

I don't get to listen to him much.